"Today's Pig is Tomorrow's Bacon" - a Ralph Steadman cartoon, commissioned by David Langsam for The Guardian.

The "basement" is traditionally a section at the bottom of the front page of a newspaper or the bottom of its main comment page for reflection and humor.

Sometimes funny, sometimes bitter-sweet, the Basement is just a little idiosyncratic and off-beat, but like a good cartoon, it sometimes tells more truth than the news pages.

Articles in The Basement

Spot the Terrorist Part II: Godot the Terrorist

David Langsam goes searching for Australia's fabled terrorists

Feed the Birds and Shoot the Farmers

A look into the skewed "rationalism" of economics and farming.

Corporate Education: it's as easy as A.B.C.M.L.

When business and tertiary education meet an unexpected agreement you've got to wonder what's next.

CityLink: A Heavy Toll Indeed

Even when David Langsam doesn't want to protest, the system seems to make him protest. How the automated CityLink e-tag refused to acknowledge his support of it.

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